NS Group ticket & cheap train ticket

NS group ticket 2020 from €5.21

NS group ticket

Travel for less with an NS group ticket. Travel together with 4 to 6 people to any destination in the Netherlands at an advantageous price. The more people travel with you, the cheaper!

How much does an NS group ticket cost?

The prices of the NS group ticket are shown below:

  • 4 persons €32,- (€8,- per person)
  • 5 persons €33,50 (€6,70 per person)
  • 6 persons €35,- (€5,85 per person)
  • 7 persons €36,50 (€5,21 per person)

Didn’t find enough people for the group ticket?

On Facebook there are Facebook groups in which travellers are looking for travel companions to take advantage of the group discount. Click on the button below to find a Facebook group with 14.000 members. Sign up and find a travel companion for a cheap trip!

How does NS group ticket work?

The group ticket is a single train ticket. If you want to book a return, you need to buy the NS Group ticket twice. Of course, 2ndNS Group ticket can be used on a later day.

Does everyone have to travel together?

In order to use the NS Group ticket, passengers must travel together on the train for the entire journey. It is important that the main booker is always present. Fellow travelers can always travel together with the main booker. In addition, it is permitted for fellow passengers to board at another station on the same route.

When is the group ticket valid?

The group ticket is valid on weekends and public holidays, except for King’s Day (27 April). During the week it is only possible to travel during off-peak hours from 09:00 to 16:00 and 18:30 to 06:30.