By train to the airport

By train to the airports

By train to the airport

Are you travelling to and/or from an airport in the near future? Check out the airports you can reach by public transport. Below is a list of the best known airports in the Netherlands and how to reach them cheaply by public transport. Travel comfortably and relaxed to the airport. From many train stations you can travel directly or with a change to and from the airports.

To start with, there are a number of advantages to travelling by public transport to & from the airports. For example, you don’t have to bother anyone to bring you, you don’t pay fuel costs & parking fees and you always have enough luggage space.

Tip about luggage space: The suitcases and/or luggage can be placed in the luggage space between the benches and under the seats on the train. In this way you prevent the fellow travellers from being hindered.

Travel to & from Schiphol Airport

Schiphol is the largest airport in the Netherlands and an important airport in Europe. Schiphol’s train station is located underneath the airport. As soon as you get off underneath the airport you can reach the airport one floor higher from the platform with the escalator or the elevator.

Travel to & from Eindhoven Airport

Travel in less than 20 minutes from Eindhoven Central train stations to Eindhoven Airport, or vice versa, by shuttle bus. To use the shuttle bus you need a ticket. You pay for the bus trip by means of your OV-Chipkaart, e-ticket or a one-time chip card.

Travel to & from Rotterdam The Hague Airport

The airport is located 7 kilometers from Rotterdam Central Station. You travel in less than 25 minutes by bus from Rotterdam Central train station to Rotterdam Airport, or the other way around. Here, too, you have to use a ticket for the scheduled bus.